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Alright! You’re on the first step toward getting your free design and quote for your new cabinet project. When you measure the room, start at the left corner and go clockwise around. First, put down the wall lengths and note on the wall fixed items including windows, doors, sink, and appliances. If you are keeping the existing footprint, you can measure and note the existing cabinets. If you want to redesign the room, move walls, etc., it is best that you draw the wall layout as is and then as proposed. Don’t forget to include the ceiling heights too! We also would like you send a couple of pics along with the layout so we have a more complete feel of the space. To get a better understanding of cabinets and kitchen design, visit our learning center. Contact us anytime. The only bad question is one you don’t ask!


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Our designers have years of experience designing 1000s of kitchens, baths, bars, built-ins, closets etc. We are here and ready to give you the design that you’re looking for at the best value in cabinetry on the market today!

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