How to Measure Your Space Using Our Design Template

Accurately measuring your kitchen or bathroom is a critical first step in the remodeling process. To ensure precision and to help us serve you better, follow these steps using the Palm Harbor Kitchens Design Template:

  1. Prepare the Area: Clear out any movable items and ensure you have easy access to all walls and corners of the space.
  2. Record Ceiling Heights: If your kitchen or bathroom has varying ceiling heights, record the height at different points on the template where indicated. This is crucial for cabinetry that reaches the ceiling.
  3. Measure the Walls: Start at one corner and measure the length of each wall. Use the grid on the design template, where each square represents one square foot, to mark these measurements accurately.
  4. Note Doors and Windows: Measure the width and height of all doors and windows. Note these on the template, ensuring to mark the distance of each from the nearest corner and from the floor to the bottom edge of the window or top of the door.
  5. Include Fixtures: Note the location and approximate size of permanent fixtures like plumbing, electrical outlets, and appliances that will remain in the space. This will help in planning for functional clearances and cabinetry fit.
  6. Double Check Measurements: Before finalizing your drawing, double-check all measurements for accuracy. Small errors can lead to big problems down the line.
  7. Contact Us for Help: If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts at (727) 940-5879. We’re here to help make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality.

By providing us with detailed and accurate measurements on the Palm Harbor Kitchens Design Template, you ensure a smoother process and a better fit for your custom cabinetry and fixtures. We look forward to helping you transform your space!

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