For Kitchen Contractors

We are a different type of Cabinet Supplier. We understand what it is to be an independent contractor and what it means to have great customer service when you are trying  to complete a project on time and at budget. Our goal is to have the re-modelers in and around our area choose to work with us once and then never want to go anywhere again due to the product, price, and service.

Looking for a kitchen cabinet store near you with the best selection of Kitchen, Bath, and Vanity cabinets in Pinellas County?

Our roots were in contracting and renovation and so we understand that the only time you make money is when the final payment for the project is made. We only sell cabinets - never install - so we won't be in conflict with you, but, we often have customer leads to hand out since we meet ready and willing buyers every day. Our goal is success for all in our projects together.  We offer the following services:

We can work directly with you or have your customer pay us.

Whatever makes your job easier is what we would like to do and we can make our business arrangement suit your needs. We offer 7 lines of American cabinets and a host of RTA. Most likely we have what your customer is looking for and if you are looking for cabinets in a rush we can have them in about a week in flat pack form (about 2 weeks if fully assembled) Let us know what we can do for you!

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