Designer Choice Cabinetry

Designer Choice

At Palm Harbor Kitchens we sell a lot of Designers Choice cabinets!

Because We sell a lot of Designers Choice We really know their cabinet line and can offer You better service through product knowledge.

​Designers Choice offers a total of 55 different door styles 4 wood types and a host of colors in paints, stains, and glazes that will give you lots of options. Also you can vary the height, width, and depth of the cabinets in 1/16" increments at very reasonable fees. Designers Choice is offered in Framed and Frameless Construction so you can have the cabinet reveal that suits your taste. In addition to the standard doors Designers Choice is also available in 3D melamine and high gloss acrylics to get that sleek modern look.

Best of all Designers Choice is made right here in Florida so we are keeping our money local! We are always happy to give a competitive bid on any and all of the products that we sell.  We offer Designers Choice on sale and at a discount which makes them a great value. Get in touch with us today to see that Designers Choice is a great value with out being cheap.


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